Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Low Cost Dental Services in the Akron Area

Are you uninsured or on Medicaid and looking for dental services in the Akron area?  More and more, scientists and doctors are learning that good dental care and hygeine are important not only for your teeth and gums, but for overall physical health as well.  The Mayo Clinic offers a good overview on the benefits of dental health here.  Don't let a lack of insurance or income keep you from maintaining or recovering your oral health.  Here are a few resources that may be helpful.

The Summit County Public Health department provides a number of services to adults and children.

Click here or call 330-812-3816 to learn more about services they offer. 

For a fee schedule detailing pricing for adult services, click here.

Looking for dental services for your preschooler?  Click here for a brochure.

Summa Center for Dental Health also offers many dental services, including implants, to those who are without insurance or who have low income.  Click here for more information, or call 330-375-6262.

Akron Community Health Resources Center offers dental services for adults and children as well in both Summit and Portage Counties.  Click here to learn more or call 330-724-5471.

In addition, some colleges and universities with dental schools offer some dental services at very reasonable rates.  Check with schools like Stark State and Cleveland Clinic to see if they have current openings at their dental clinics.

The Ohio Dental Options program is another good way to access dental services in our area.  Please click here to read more about the program and see if you qualify.

Need services in another county?  Here is a listing of safety net dental clinics for all of Ohio.

Here's to a healthy smile!

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